“SITC LIAONING”Participated to Rescue Fishing Boat

On February 9, 2019, 09:10hrs, fishing boat “MIN FU DING YU 06999” was on fire in bridge in waters off the east coast of NANJI island (approximate position: 27 ° 26 ‘N / 121 ° 31′ E), 11 crewmembers in distress and require emergency assistance. Wenzhou MRCC coordinated all parties concerned to carry out emergency rescue, designated “SITC LIAONING” of our company to guard the fishing boat and to be as on site command vessel in the waters. “SITC LIAONING” overcame the tight schedule and bad weather to guard the boat in distress nearly 4 hours continuously, until all 11 crewmembers on the boat were rescued by helicopters and transferred to professional rescue ship “DONGHAI JIU 131″ which arrived at the scene. “SITC LIAONING” provided powerful spiritual support for the distress crew, as well as professional rescue forces won the time for locating the fishing boat and arriving quickly, protected human lives and property. “SITC LIAONING” actively involved in the Marine emergency rescue, the crew showed their fearlessness, responsibility, selflessness and professional skills that to be highly worthy of praise. Wenzhou MRCC expressed sincere greetings and thanks to the captain Song Biao of “SITC LIAONING” and crewmembers.


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