Hong Kong Shipowners Association visited SITC

On March 18, 2019, Ms. Chen Peishan, Managing Director, Mr. Feng Jiapei, Deputy Director, and Mr. Liu Yang, Member of China Affairs Committee, from Hong Kong Shipowners Association, visited SITC International. Mr. Yang Shaopeng, Chairman of SITC International, Mr. Yang Xianxiang, Vice Chairman& CEO of SITC International, Mr. Lv Kaixian, General Manager of Strategic Development Centre of SITC Container Lines, and Mr. Ding Xunqi, Assistant General Manager of Planning Centre of SITC Container Line, attended the meeting.
Mr. Yang gave warm welcome to Ms. Chen Peishan and her companions, and expressed the wishes and appeals for SITC International to join Hong Kong Shipowners Association. And he also suggested how Hong Kong Shipowners Association play better role of industry associations in the future. Both sides will take this opportunity to exchange and cooperate closely, and work together on the development of the Greater Bay Area and Hong Kong International Shipping Centre.
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